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Remote Deposit

Deposit Checks from any location with Remote Deposit.

Remote Deposit is available from your mobile device using the “United Equity Credit Union” Mobile App. Members may deposit up to $3,000.00 remotely. Exceptions may apply. Read full terms and conditions.
  • Choose “Deposit Check” from the home screen.
  • Endorse your check with both your signature and “For Remote Deposit Only at UECU” or “For Mobile Deposit Only at UECU”.
  • Choose the account to deposit your check to.
  • Enter the amount carefully.
  • Choose “Take a picture of the Front of check”. Take the picture of the front. Having the check flat on a dark surface will help this process.
  • Choose “Take a picture of the Back of check” Take a picture of the back of the check.
  • Submit and you are done, if you see a message that says “Success! Your deposit has been submitted”.
Keep your checks until you are satisfied they were deposited with your important receipts.

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