UECU Rewards Debit Card Application

To activate your UECU VISA Debit Card, call (855)726-4885. Follow the prompts to activate and select a PIN. 

Make sure to let the credit union know your travel details including dates and locations. 


Download the Card Suite Lite mobile app to manage your UECU Debit Card.  1200x630 CSL App Icon

  • Freeze or unfreeze your card
  • Receive instant alerts
  • Control where your card can be used
  • Get spending insights

NEW UECU Debit Rewards Program- earn points for using your UECU Rewards Debit Card with purchases like groceries, fuel, utilities, gym memberships, and cell phone bills. Redeem points for merchandise, travel, cash back, and more.  SIGN UP or VIEW YOUR REWARDS

Contactless Pay
UECU cards now have Contactless Pay. Wherever you find the Contactless symbol at check out, simply tap your card on the terminal and your payment will be processed in seconds. Easy to use without swiping or using your chip!                                                                                                       contactless pay symbol

Digital Wallets
Add your debit card to your mobile wallet such as Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and Android Pay®. Pay for safe, convenient purchasing from your mobile device at hundreds of thousands of stores and online.

Round up to Savings is an easy way to make purchases part of your savings plan. 

Learn more and ENROLL!

Do you hate ATM fees? We do, too. 

  • Allpoint® Network: Visit www.allpointnetwork.com for over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs Download the Allpoint® ATM Locator for iPhone or Android to find the nearest ATM.
  • UECU ATM locations, including Ameren IP Plaza*, Decatur, IL and Clinton Power Station* *Limited access
    • Land of Lincoln Credit Union, Decatur Earthmover Credit Union, and Staley Credit Union’s ATMs are surcharge free for UECU members.

Misplaced your UECU Debit Card?

  • Log into the UECU Mobile App or home banking to find the freeze/unfreeze card button at the top of the checking account that your debit card is linked to. Freeze until your card is located and unfreeze once you find it.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, please call:
    • P. (217) 875-1845
    • After Hours P. (888) 263-3370