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Use these financial calculators to help make decisions such as:

  • How much money should I borrow?
  • How much will I pay in interest?
  • How much will I pay each month?
  • How much do I need to save?

You can utilize these free calculators  to calculate loan payments, see if your retirement plan or savings goals are on track, or get better insight into your monthly budget.

For those who want to eliminate credit card debt, we recommend using our credit card debt calculator to compare the total cost of paying credit card debt on your own vs. paying with a GreenPath Debt Management Plan. If you still have questions about reaching your financial goals, you can call UECU's trusted, non-profit, financial counseling partner, Greenpath at 800-550-1961 for support on your journey to financial wellness.

We like to hear from you, but please realize that email is not a secure transmission route. Thus we ask that you never send sensitive personal information like Social Security numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers or any type of password via email to United Equity Credit Union or anyone else for your own protection. Please use one of our secured forms or a telephone call when submitting this information.

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