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Courtesy Pay

We’ve got you covered and the first one is on us! Courtesy Pay is another optional service that we offer to our members 18 and older, when they open a Share Draft Checking account with us! This service automatically pays overdrafts up to a set limit. This service can save you money from returned transactions at retailers and prevent embarrassment.
  • For each transaction that is covered, the credit union will charge a fee and the first time each calendar year is FREE.
Enroll into our Courtesy Pay Program.

The Courtesy Pay Program is available to members in good standing with Share Draft/Checking accounts who sign up for this program. The credit union will pay up to $500, including fees, if you should inadvertently overdraft your account.  This service allows members to overdraft their accounts up to $500, and can be revoked by the credit union when warranted.

An account which has been overdrawn continuously for 50 days will be closed for cause, unless satisfactory arrangements have been made and approved by management.


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