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Christmas / Vacation Club

Open a Christmas Club account to jump start saving for the holiday season, or a Vacation Club account to go on your dream getaway. This convenient savings option can help you prevent high credit card charges!

Click here to get started!
  • No minimum required to open
  • Funds can be added periodically or through an automatic deposit
  • For Christmas Club Accounts, the entire balance will be transferred to your Primary Share Savings, or another account of your choosing, on October 1st and the account will remain open. The maximum balance allowed in the account is $6,000. Any further withdrawals will close the Christmas Club Account and no further dividend will be paid. In the instance of forced account closing or balances over the maximum, funds will be transferred to the member’s Primary Share Account. If a Christmas Club Account is closed due to withdrawal limitations, it may be reopened after the annual distribution date
  • Vacation Club accounts are available when you need them
  • Round up extra savings from the UECU Round up to Savings Program from your UECU Debit Card transactions. You may choose the savings account to round up to.

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