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Personal Loans
Do you need financing for auto repair, a vacation, or holiday shopping? Whatever the need, a personal loan may be what you are looking for. A personal loan is an unsecured loan.


If you didn't know already, making extra payments on a loan can save you money on interest. But what if you need that extra cash later for car repairs or vacations? A Kasasa Loan gives you the ability to take-back™ that extra money you paid. The choice is yours. Pay ahead on your loan with confidence (and save on interest), knowing you can withdraw those additional funds, at any time. Plus, it’s all backed by a mobile-friendly dashboard that lets you know exactly where you stand.
UECU Used Vehicles, New Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, and Personal loans, all qualify to be a Kasasa Loan!   


Share Secured Loans
Share secured loans qualify for a great low rate. When you apply for a share secured loan, your credit will not be pulled. With a share secured loan, you just “pledge” a portion of your share/savings account that is equal to the amount to be borrowed. You may also use your Share Certificate to secure a loan. 
An amount equal to the unpaid principal must remain on deposit in your share account until the loan is paid.


Apply Here for a Share Secured Loan


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